Classic 21 Metal Playlist

Classic 21 Metal
Tijd Artiest Liedje
22:17 Type o negative Love you to death
22:12 Wasp My wicked heart
22:04 Judas priest Sinner
22:00 Morbid angel Dawn of the angry
21:56 Killer be killed Dead limbs
21:53 Death ss Mandrake root
21:48 Morbid My dark subconscious (december moon demo 1986)
21:42 Godsmack Awake
21:39 Black sabbath Rat salad
21:36 Cinderella Freewheelin
21:35 Cosmic monarch Swallow the sun
21:30 Megadeth Mechanix
21:26 Spirit adrift Harmony of the spheres
21:14 At the gates Blinded by fear
21:11 Firespawn Abominate
21:04 Iron maiden Powerslave
20:40 Children of bodom Follow the reaper
20:35 Dio Shame on the night
20:30 Volbeat Becoming
20:26 Strapping young lad Love
20:22 Crowbar Existence is punishment
20:18 Deepshow Cimmerian
20:13 Thin lizzy Cold sweat
20:10 Grip inc. Hostage to heaven
20:05 Exodus War is my shepherd
20:04 Van halen Eruption
18:51 At the gates Under a serpent sun
18:47 Grave digger Heavy metal breakdown
18:43 Los antiguos La culpa al viento
18:38 Soilwork Natural born chaos
18:34 Venom Black metal
18:31 Turnstile Wild wrld
18:27 Godsmack I stand alone
18:23 Dillinger escape plan 43% burnt
18:19 Obituary Visions in my head
18:16 Megadeth Killing is my business...and business is good
18:13 Skid row Mudkicker
18:09 Mushroomhead Sun doesn t rise
18:03 Black sabbath Fairies wear boots
17:58 Ministry Dead guy
17:55 Every time i die Dark distance
17:50 Europe Seven doors hotel
17:45 Sword Cloak of feathers
17:42 Black label society Doomsday jesus
17:38 Van halen Light up the sky
17:34 Pantera I'm broken
17:31 Children of bodom I worship chaos
17:27 Metallica Motorbreath
17:22 Carcass The scythe s remorseless swing
17:18 Mastodon Mother puncher
17:14 Slayer Spirit in black
17:10 Annihilator Suicide society
17:06 Motorhead Built for speed
17:00 Urne The palace of devils and wolves
16:55 Clawfinger Do what i say
16:51 Pentagram Death row
16:47 Progerians Crush the wise men
16:44 Tomahawk God hates a coward
16:41 Twisted sister Stay hungry
16:37 Paradise lost Ghosts
16:21 Cancer bats Satellites
16:16 Aerosmith Jailbait
16:12 Wasp Doctor rockter
16:07 Killswitch engage The end of heartache
16:03 Kiss Detroit rock city
16:01 Converge/chelsea wolfe Lord of liars
15:57 Megadeth Into the lungs of hell
15:44 Chevelle Get some
15:29 Times of grace Fight for life
15:25 Ratt Dangerous but worth the risk
15:21 Green lung Old gods
15:17 Dio Killing the dragon
15:10 Death Empty words
15:04 Ghost Monstrance clock.
15:02 Skid row Sweet little sister
14:56 Insomnium The wanderer
14:51 Massacre Cryptic realms
14:48 Motley crue Too young to fall in love
14:43 Enforcer Undying evil
14:40 Napalm death When all is said and done
14:36 Y Don t stop runnin
14:32 Vicious rumors Pulse of the dead
14:28 Mastodon Divinations
14:24 Children of bodom Downfall
14:19 Annihilator Armed to the teeth
14:17 Motorhead Shoot you in the back
14:12 Slayer Dead skin mask
14:07 Black label society Funeral bell
14:04 Van halen On fire
14:00 Crobot Mountain (ft. frank bello)
14:00 Crobot Mountain (ft. frank bello)
13:57 Motley crue Live wire
13:53 Ultra vomit Evier metal
13:47 Deftones Passenger
13:42 Kiss Black diamond
13:36 Testament Return to serenity
13:31 Aktarum Trolls in the fog
13:29 X japan Orgasm
13:16 Sepultura The treatment
13:08 Wasp Chainsaw charlie (murders in the new morgue)
13:06 Cancer bats Sabotage
13:02 Aerosmith Young lust
12:57 Deicide Dead by dawn
12:53 Coroner Die by my hand
12:49 Destruction Born to perish
12:45 Dio Lord of the last day
12:39 Twisted sister Under the blade
12:38 Eyehategod The outer banks
12:33 Sabaton Attero dominatus
12:31 Alice in chains We die young
12:26 Cauldron No return, in ruin
12:21 Skid row I remember you
12:16 Kyuss Supa scoopa and the mighty scoop
12:11 Korn Here to stay
12:05 Black sabbath Children of the grave
12:01 Gamma ray Gamma ray (2016 remaster)
11:55 Evile Gore (ft. brian posehn)
11:49 Suicidal tendencies How will i laugh tomorrow
11:44 Revocation Of unwordly origin
11:38 Mastodon Oblivion
11:36 Motorhead Motorhead
11:32 Annihilator King of the kill
11:28 Anaal nathrakh Forging towards the sunset
11:25 Warlock All we are
11:22 Artillery In thrash we trust
11:17 Black label society Stillborn
11:16 Rage against the machine Voice of the voiceless
11:11 Enforcer The banshee
11:07 Y Masters and slaves
10:59 Insomnium The conjurer
10:55 Poison idea Alan s on fire
10:52 Whitesnake Bad boys
10:35 Metallica Fade to black
10:30 Bewitcher Valley of the ravens
10:26 Hypocrisy Eraser
10:22 Corrosion of conformity Clean my wounds
10:18 Cancer bats Bed of nails
10:15 Wasp Sex drive
10:10 Megadeth Hangar 18
10:06 Down New orleans is a dying whore
10:02 Kiss 100 000 years
9:59 Agent steel The devil s greatest trick
9:53 Death Left to die
9:49 Jinjer Retrospection
9:45 Grave digger Ballad of a hangman
9:38 Ac dc Riff raff
9:33 Kyuss 50 million year trip
9:30 Destruction Inspired by death
9:26 Skid row Youth gone wild
9:22 Bleedskin Eternal hatred
9:17 Stratovarius I'm still alive
9:12 Biohazard Tales from the hard side
9:08 Cauldron Empress
9:03 Scorpions Coming home
8:59 Crown Motordeath
8:52 Entombed Left hand path
8:50 Girlschool Emergency
8:46 Enforcer Die for the devil
8:42 Angra Spread your fire
8:38 Europe Superstitious
8:31 Sabaton Primo victoria
8:28 Annihilator Phantasmagoria
8:22 Every time i die Map change
8:18 Motley crue Dr feelgood
8:13 Dimmu borgir Mourning palace
7:59 Alice cooper Hello hooray
7:55 Orange goblin Blue snow
7:51 Empty head Hunted from below
7:47 Mercyful fate Doomed by the living dead
7:43 Baroness March to the sea
7:39 Deftones Hexagram
7:37 Kiss Let me go rock n roll
7:33 Queens of the stone age 18 ad
7:30 Devildriver Outlaw man
7:25 Whitesnake Love ain't no stranger
7:19 Kvelertak Ved bredden av nihil
7:16 Darkness Get your hands off my woman
7:12 Corrosion of conformity Man or ash
7:08 Cancer bats We run free
7:04 Wasp The flame
7:00 Fight Reality a new beginning
6:56 Skid row 18 and life
6:51 Cauldron Drown
6:43 Death angel Thrown to the wolves
6:38 Anthrax Indians
6:34 Cryptosis Death technology
6:30 Audioslave Show me how to live
6:26 Kyuss No
6:22 Paradise lost Solitary one
6:18 Ratt Body talk
6:14 Biohazard State of the world address
6:11 Stratovarius Millenium
6:03 Rainbow A light in the black
5:56 Evergrey Stories
5:52 Cinderella Second wind
5:48 Enforcer Death rides this night
5:45 Sabaton Ghost division
5:38 Judas priest Beyond the realms of death
5:33 Korn Blind
5:31 Every time i die The coin has a say
5:26 Motley crue Wild side
5:20 Wolvennest All that black
5:16 Nightwish Wish i had an angel
5:09 Down Bury me in smoke
5:05 Grand magus Sword of the ocean
5:01 Motorhead Love me like a reptile
4:54 Paysage d hiver Bluet
4:50 Manowar Metal warriors
4:47 Saxon And the bands played on
4:45 Cancer bats Inside out
4:42 Darkness Black shuck
4:38 Whitesnake Slide it in
4:34 Rob zombie Crow killer blues
4:29 Disturbed Down with the sickness
4:25 Dog eat dog Who's the king ?
4:21 Battle beast No more hollywood endings
4:17 Guns n roses Mr brownstone
4:13 Marilyn manson Irresponsible hate anthem
4:08 Rhapsody Dawn of victory
4:07 Coven Blood on the snow
4:01 Cult of luna What i leave behind
3:57 Killer Wall of sound
3:44 Airbourne Stand up for rock 'n' roll
3:41 Scorpions He s a woman - she s a man
3:37 Biohazard Lack there of
3:32 Horisont The hive
3:29 Ratt You're in love
3:25 Freak factor Surprise (real world)
3:13 Mayhem Freezing moon
3:09 Gojira Stranded
3:04 Slayer South of heaven
1:55 Saxon Denim and leather
1:52 Cancer bats Bricks and mortar
1:47 Immortal Tyrants
1:39 Black sabbath N.i.b.
1:34 Eyehategod Ruptured heart theory
1:30 Battle beast The golden horde
1:28 Minor threat I don t wanna hear it
1:24 Candlemass The pendulum
1:18 Heaven and hell Bible black
1:13 Dream theater Strange deja vu
1:09 Rob zombie Dead city radio
1:03 Whitesnake In the still of the night