Nostalgie Extra New Wave Playlist

Nostalgie Extra New Wave
Tijd Artiest Liedje
12:38 The alarm The stand
11:43 Red zebra I can't live in a livingroom
10:52 A flock of seagulls The more you live, the more you love
10:11 Luna twist African time
9:47 Generation x Dancing with myself
9:13 The icicle works Love is a wonderful color
8:22 Peter godwin Images of heaven
7:38 Yazoo Don't go
6:45 Die doraus und die marinas Fred vom jupiter
6:14 Pig bag Papa's got a brand new pigbag
5:50 Tears for fears Pale shelter
5:22 Lio Sage comme une image
4:55 Bap Kristallnaach
4:03 John foxx Underpass
3:16 Depeche mode Everything counts
2:40 Gang of four I love a man in uniform
2:01 Xtc Making plans for nigel
1:12 Altered images I could be happy
0:26 Blancmange Don't tell me