TOPradio Playlist

Tijd Artiest Liedje
12:01 Dj furax & redshark Big orgus
11:00 Dj v-nyl 55 dj v-nyl in the mix
10:56 Joy kittikonti Joy energizer
10:53 Natural born deejays A good day
10:27 Danny tenaglia Music is the answer
10:24 Le park Litchies
10:20 Dj bountyhunter Woops
10:18 Dj looney tune Jumpin' & pumpin'
10:14 Rui da silva & cassandra Touch me
10:11 The pusher Sinthy (pluto mix)
10:03 Dj dex Inhale/exhale
9:55 Miro Spaceman (trance mix)
9:51 Moby Go
9:47 Jones & stephenson The first rebirth
9:30 Dj s.p.u.d. Set it off
9:26 State of house Pacific dance
9:22 Dj f.r.a.n.k. Fuckin' serious
9:17 Doc in the box Stop that
9:13 Dj rolando a.k.a the aztec mystic Jaguar
9:13 Rmb Love is an ocean (stephenson remix)
8:43 Daft punk Rollin' & scratchin'
8:35 Groovezone I.c.u.
8:31 Corvin dalek Poundz & penz
8:27 Benjamin bates Whole
8:24 Lula Man=drug (dj wout remix)
7:52 Systematic parts Violin de la nuit
7:48 The operator This is the ultimate
7:44 Robert armani Hit hard
7:38 At the villa people Open your eyes
7:28 Different gear & sia Drink to get drunk
7:21 Dj isaac Face down, ass up
7:09 The mackenzie & jessy Arpegia (without you)
7:05 Viper Titty twister
6:56 Insider Boots on the run
6:52 Una Emotion (techno space mix)
6:48 Nikolai Ready to flow
6:45 Party 99 Movin melodies
6:30 Laurent warin presents black sun project Dark vision
6:26 Lee cabrera Shake it
6:23 Red dreams Sex in space 98 (cyborg mix)
6:19 Jack the ripper Whores in da house
6:16 Indo tribe Owl
6:14 Chab ft jd davis Closer to me
6:08 Channel x Rave the rhythm
6:06 Cygnus x Superstring
6:02 Mad traxx In the future
5:57 Puncher The wall
5:54 Samuel paganini Reachin out
5:51 Cm Dream universe
5:34 Honey c Stop the disease
5:31 Dj h.s. The last train (on the road mix)
5:26 Afro medusa Pasilda (knee deep mix)
5:23 U.s.u.r.a. Open your mind
5:12 Danny tenaglia Music is the answer
5:06 Peyote Alcatraz
5:02 Faithless Insomnia
4:59 Dj furax & redshark Supersaw (furax remix)
4:55 Dj booster Up side up
4:49 Freaks Where were you when the lights went out
4:37 Dj vince The next (radio edit)
4:21 Members of mayday Sonic empire
4:17 Dj greg c Static faction
4:13 Delerium Innocente
4:09 The base boys The base 80s
4:05 Dj randy Deception
4:03 Wink Higher state of consciousness
3:56 Dj fox Just a melody [radio edit]
3:52 Gat decor Passion
3:43 Quadran Free your mind
3:38 Jeff mills Step to enchantment
3:29 Insider Destiny
3:24 Planet perfecto knights Resurection
3:20 Pete heller Big love
3:16 Nasty-b Hunckback of notre dame (organo mix version)
3:02 Fairmont Gazebo
2:54 Dj glenn & the voltage club Silent six
2:50 Paperclip people Throw
2:46 Tom novy & lima Take it
2:42 Plastikman Freek
2:33 L.s.g. Netherworld (dj randy's smoke free remix)
2:14 Funky tribe Exotic
2:11 The mackenzie & jessy All i need
2:07 Ron trent Altered states
2:03 Explorer African trip
2:01 Zsa zsa deluxe Lekker high
1:54 Acid e.p. X-perience
1:49 E.f.o. Now (club mix)
1:45 Silicone soul Right on!
1:33 Synap 6 - logic beat (radio edit)
1:29 Warp brothers & aquagen Phatt bass
1:25 Misjaroon Turn me on
1:20 Lustral Everytime (nalin and kane mix)
1:15 Driver seed You don't really matter
1:12 Mademoiselle luna Forever dj
0:55 Daft punk Alive
0:41 Kai tracid Your own reality
0:37 Turntable hype Turntable hype
0:34 D-noizer Welcome to the new land [radio edit]
0:30 Fend Breakdown
0:26 Tannino & di carlo Celestia